GinaMarie Zimmerman

GinaMarie is a blast to work with. She is a spitfire ball of energy! We did a few different looks, but these 2 were by far our favorites. In the 1st image you may be saying ” Hey is that Christina Aguilera?” No its GinaMarie, who is a huge fan! The 2nd image is something I wanted to try and we rocked it out! You can find GinaMarie on Facebook by searching GinaMarie Zimms

I dont recall all settings for the camera, but for the 2nd photo the only light source was a parabolic umbrella!

I posted a lighting diagram for the first photo below.

ginamarie-6492w ginamarie-6548w2



5 comments on “GinaMarie Zimmerman

  1. ginamarie z says:

    this is awesome
    thank u so much . you arean amazing and talented photographer …you got skills andy !!!! it was
    an honor to work with 🙂
    thank u again

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