Would you hire an iPhoneographer as your wedding photographer?

With wedding season upon us, I wanted to know, would you hire an iPhoneographer to photograph the most important day of your life? Nearly everyone on Earth has a camera-phone and with the increasing popularity of free apps out there, anyone with somewhat of a creative bone in their body can produce great looking photos. Taking it one step further you can now upload said photos to an array of social networking sites in a matter of seconds. I wanted to find out what the people thought about hiring iPhoneographers, so I posted that question on my Facebook page (Andrew Foord Photography).
As predicted I got many “NO”, “NO WAY”, “NOT IN A MILLION YEARS”, but I also got a response from one woman who in fact hired an iPhoneographer to record her wedding, using nothing but an iPhone. Now I understand that the question posed was, would you hire an iPhoneographer to photograph your wedding, but I’m putting this one in the win column for iPhoneographers. I asked the woman why she opted to have her wedding recorded on an iPhone and she simply replied, “Because it was cheap and I had the video instantly.” She went on to tell me that she is an editor and that with 1 filter, which she added in Adobe Premier, she had a great looking (HD) video.
Do you think what she said holds true with the younger generation today? In today’s economy, it’s not surprising that couples want to save a little money; on top of that control the style and look of their photos. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Camera + and even Photoshop are all photo editing and sharing apps which are a cheap (many are free) and fun way of achieving that goal.
I think what it all comes down to is how “trendy” do you want to be, and do you trust your iPhoneographer to not miss a moment? Before choosing any photographer make sure to speak with them, see their portfolio and ask for references. I know you can create stunning images using an iPhone, but would I want to have my wedding photographed using only a smartphone…?




Outex waterproof housing review

I first heard about OUTEX from a friend who knew I wanted to break into underwater photography, without breaking the bank. At first I was skeptical, but after using it, OUTEX really impressed me.

What it is: OUTEX is a flexible casing for DSLR and other interchangeable lens cameras (it works with mirrorless systems, too) that you operate by tactile control.

Uses: Use your DSLR in mud, snow, dirt, sand and even underwater without fear of damage while maintaining photo integrity. Supports flash, tripods, tethering, video, etc.…

When I first got my hands on the unit I was surprised by how small it was and as I mentioned earlier was skeptical that it would live up to my expectations. I use the OUTEX on my Canon 5D Mark III with a Sigma 24-70 2.8 DG EX Macro Lens and Canon 430 EX II. One excellent thing about the OUTEX system is they custom build the unit for your camera body and lens that you want to use.

There are no manuals that come with the unit, but the company’s website has video tutorials on how to install the unit on your camera. It is a little tricky and does take some time, but it’s not difficult once you do it a few times.

Upon arriving at the pool, my nerves started getting the best of me, but I pushed on and slowly placed my camera into the water. The OUTEX quickly filled with air, a great sign, proving that it is airtight! I have to admit I only left my camera underwater for about 5 seconds before I got out of the pool dried off the housing and removed it from the camera to see if there was any water leakage, which there was not.

I reapplied the housing and jumped back in the pool. Once again the OUTEX filled with air, which calmed my nerves and I began shooting. I was able to see very clearly through the viewfinder and was able to change my shutter speed and aperture easily. Zooming was a little stiff, but I got the handle of it pretty quickly. The flash was firing perfectly on ETT-L mode and I was having a blast! I have the 1st unit in which the LCD is covered by the blue housing, but OUTEX has a new product called “The Big-O” where the LCD is unobstructed.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this product. If fear of damaging your camera and lens due to water, mud, snow, dirt, etc.… is keeping you from expanding as an artist then this is a budget friendly device for you. As I stated earlier getting the housing and O-Rings on the camera can be a little tricky, but the photos are well worth it.

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