Would you hire an iPhoneographer as your wedding photographer?

With wedding season upon us, I wanted to know, would you hire an iPhoneographer to photograph the most important day of your life? Nearly everyone on Earth has a camera-phone and with the increasing popularity of free apps out there, anyone with somewhat of a creative bone in their body can produce great looking photos. Taking it one step further you can now upload said photos to an array of social networking sites in a matter of seconds. I wanted to find out what the people thought about hiring iPhoneographers, so I posted that question on my Facebook page (Andrew Foord Photography).
As predicted I got many “NO”, “NO WAY”, “NOT IN A MILLION YEARS”, but I also got a response from one woman who in fact hired an iPhoneographer to record her wedding, using nothing but an iPhone. Now I understand that the question posed was, would you hire an iPhoneographer to photograph your wedding, but I’m putting this one in the win column for iPhoneographers. I asked the woman why she opted to have her wedding recorded on an iPhone and she simply replied, “Because it was cheap and I had the video instantly.” She went on to tell me that she is an editor and that with 1 filter, which she added in Adobe Premier, she had a great looking (HD) video.
Do you think what she said holds true with the younger generation today? In today’s economy, it’s not surprising that couples want to save a little money; on top of that control the style and look of their photos. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Camera + and even Photoshop are all photo editing and sharing apps which are a cheap (many are free) and fun way of achieving that goal.
I think what it all comes down to is how “trendy” do you want to be, and do you trust your iPhoneographer to not miss a moment? Before choosing any photographer make sure to speak with them, see their portfolio and ask for references. I know you can create stunning images using an iPhone, but would I want to have my wedding photographed using only a smartphone…?




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