Out of Time and Arrows – with Elinchrom BRX 500 with Magnum reflector

For this series I wanted to capture what a single woman would look like if she was the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse. The main light I used was an Elinchrom BRX 500 at high power to over power the sun.

Canon 5D Mark III. 1/60th, F/14, ISO: 200




Merrina – with Elinchrom BRX 500 monolight with beauty dish and grid

So you think you need 3, 4, 5 lights to make a stunning image? How about 1! In this series I used only 1 light, an Elinchom BRX 500 with a 17″ beauty dish with grid. The camera I used was a Canon 5D Mark III with a Sigma 24-70 2.8 lens.  When shooting make sure you walk around your subject and shoot from different angles.