Hair – with Elinchrom BRX 500 strobes

I had the pleasure of working with my very first model, my wife, Marina Foord. I also had the pleasure of meeting and working with the very talented hair stylist Karla Serrano. For this shoot I placed the Elinchrom BRX (B&H) with a beauty dish (B&H) and grid (B&H) up high, pointing down at a 45 degree angle in front and left of camera.

To get the smoke behind Marina, I used another strobe and aimed it at her back. Then I had Karla direct the fog machine so the smoke wound up behind Marina, but in front of the strobe.

Camera settings: 1/200,  F/9, ISO: 100

Retouched in Photoshop CC. Plug-ins used were Nik Color EFX and Alien Skin Exposure 5

8955GW IMG_8807W


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