Getting Noticed

In the day and age we live in everyone is a photographer. I don’t know 1 person who doesn’t have a camera phone and some form of social media platform to share photos. So how do you get noticed as a photographer? This was one of my biggest concerns when I was first starting out.  Something you must do is post to social media constantly. Engage your audience with interesting tips, stories and of course photos. Another great way for exposure is to submit to contests. This website is a perfect place to do so!

Get out there and get noticed!



For those of you who don’t know who Photoflex are, I highly suggest you check them out! And while you’re there check out their Pro showcase here you might be surprised to see someone you know 😉

New Studio & Camera System!

I must apologize to my followers for not posting soon, but I’ve been busy promoting my new photo studio and also testing my new medium format camera system. Below are a few images from recent shoots in my new studio with my new camera system: Mamiya 645 AFD III , Mamiya Dm22 Digital Back.